My articles on Greater Good, the online magazine I help edit and produce, published by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.


My posts on Tech Cocktail, a blog about technology, startups, and the entrepreneurial journey.

My posts on Social Matchbox, a blog about the East Coast software and web product community.

Facebook Comments: “Like” or Dislike”?
The Huffington Post
Do Facebook users get their self-esteem from others?

What’s the Big Idea?
The American
Steven Johnson’s new book explains that the best ideas come from–and are–networks.

The Cyborg Variations
The New Individualist
Composer David Cope wrote software that composes music on its own. What does this mean for our notions of human creativity?

Playing the Political Game
The Enterprise Blog
Are games the solution to the problem of low political engagement?

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat
The American
New research on curiosity suggests it may be vital to achieving happiness.

Liveblogging SocialMedia.org’s BlogWellDC Conference, with sessions by USA TODAYDiscovery CommunicationsDelta Air Lines, and the IRS.

Rachel Ehrenfeld’s Law
The New Individualist
With an alleged terrorism financier threatening to silence her writing, Ehrenfeld fights to protect free speech in the United States.

Build a Company in a Weekend
Startup Baltimore

The Future of Cancer Research
The New Individualist
Targeted therapies and personalized medicine could take the fear out of being diagnosed with cancer.

When Success Means Standing Still
American Chronicle
Officials at the Chaco Culture National Historic Park fear that more visitors would threaten the World Heritage site’s Pueblo Indian artifacts.

Graffiti Gets Royal Treatment
American Chronicle
While most people see graffiti as vandalism, one architect saw art fit for Paris’s glamorous Grand Palais.

I Think, Therefore I Am French
American Chronicle
The stereotype is true: the French really are more philosophical.

France Passes Reforms to Seduce Foreign Investors
American Chronicle
As businesses worldwide reign in their spending, France is trying to help combat the economic crisis by attracting job-producing foreign investment.

Saint-Denis, Through the Eyes of Locals
American Chronicle
The French suburbs are renowned for their riots and poverty, but what do local residents have to say?

Parisian Photo Exhibit Depicts Diverse Perspectives on the Suburbs
American Chronicle
Patrick Zachmann’s photo exhibit “My Nearby Suburb” takes a fresh, personal look at the “troubled suburbs” of Paris.

A New School of French Etiquette
American Chronicle
French etiquette expert Madame de Tilly takes her expertise out of the city and into the suburbs to teach youth from poor, minority families.

Out With the Old, In With the New?
American Chronicle
Everyone in the United States is talking about the demise of the newspaper. What about in France?

Notakeout.com: “Family Dinner Made Easy”
American Chronicle
Food blog Notakeout.com is trying to bring American families back to the dinner table.

The Cordon Bleu: Exporting French Culinary Techniques
American Chronicle
Cordon Bleu students learn to take traditional international foods and add a French twist.

Pursuing Your Dreams, Recession-Style
American Chronicle
New York Times
correspondent Elaine Sciolino gives Parisian students advice on how to be a journalist in uncertain economic times.


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