Views from Our Host’s Apartment in Hong Kong

Yesterday I trekked out to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks to interview entrepreneurs there. My two contacts kindly set up six back-to-back interviews, which you can look out for on

I was doing well navigating two buses and three metro lines until I tried to find a cab back to our host’s apartment. After trudging around in the heat and waiting at a taxi stand, I finally found myself in the backseat. I told the driver our address, with the number in Cantonese – bat sup say, or 84. By the time we were up the hill, though, it was clear that he didn’t understand me. He kept peering in the rearview mirror and asking me which way to go. I tried “84” and bat sup say again, but to no avail – I had to guide him the rest of the way. And I thought my Cantonese was passable…

Anyway, we’ve been staying in the mid-levels near downtown Hong Kong. The apartment is gorgeous, and it looks out over the harbor. Here’s a peek:


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