BeCouply: The Love App

I recently wrote a post for Social Matchbox on BeCouply, a new web/mobile app for couples to take and share photos, find new date ideas, and connect with other couples. I explain the story of how they came up with the idea and chose a core set of features, and where they plan to go in the future.

BeCouply raises a couple (no pun intended) of interesting questions. First, can you be successful aggregating a bunch of features that occur elsewhere? Things like posting photos, finding date ideas, and sharing a calendar can be done on social networking sites, through Google search, and in Gmail. (Connecting with other couples is harder, though surely not impossible.) My guess is yes, since couples do spend a lot of time together so the increase in convenience is particularly beneficial.

Second, contrary to popular opinion, is it possible to successfully mix business with pleasure? Becky Cruze cofounded BeCouply with her boyfriend Pius Uzamere, and she emphasized how much she’s learned about him and how they’ve grown as a couple. It seems that, in startups in general, employees are generally closer friends than those at larger companies. Perhaps it’s the extra time spent together, or the shared commitment to a risky idea.

Third, will this app save our Facebook news feeds from photos of couples making out? We can only hope.


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